Help visitors visualize being a customer

Another way to set yourself apart from the competition

While the problem of getting visitors to the site remains, the site also can be improved so that visitors that do arrive are more likely to stay.

Making onboarding easier

Many professional services firms require lots of information from prospects in order to prepare a quote. This part of the process can be painful for the prospect and the services firm. Both would like the information provided or received in a certain format.

Yet, when I view services firms that require such detailed information, I sometimes see one huge blank to be completed in a form on the site. Yet, the services firm has a clear idea about the sort of information that it prefers to have in order to promptly generate a meaningful quote. Why not suggest specifics? And, by making things easier for the prospect, it moves her closer to a sale.

Exposing onboarding logic graphically—how reassuring! makes it very easy for prospective customers to visualize the entire quoting process. This is part of the top of their home page.

Even if you think your on-boarding process is no better than your competitors', making it more comprehensible eliminates the unknown. That lowers the customers' perception of risk, making you more desirable. Implementing all the ways you can think of to make the process easier, and a known quantity, is nearly always a good idea since most of the time there's no downside risk.