Selected achievements

Increased revenue by over 300% in three years

Increased website visits by creating authoritative content and SEO. Few in the target market found the product when searching since few knew the product category existed. Customers' biggest buying reason solved a problem that was much bigger than they knew. Showcased research on the site that substantiated the problem's severity. A high-quality white paper established the site as a subject matter authority within the subject area, boosting inbound links from authority sites, thereby raising ranks in search engine returns.

Rolled out Release 1 software product that jumped to #2 product in firm in 4 months

Trained four sales groups serving different channels and worked with the VP MARCOM to create the introductory ad campaign. Elected to personally manage the 45-site beta testing (not a Product Marketing task by charter) to ensure well-informed fix-vs.-ship decisions. This minimized time to market for third party resellers' applications, and established lasting reseller relationships.

Solved vexing reseller channel problem creatively

Reversed high reseller attrition, making the channel a revenue growth driver, nearly tripling the number of resellers. Successfully implemented new reseller requirements and enforced tougher rules for almost 100 retailers, growing the channel to 260 resellers in three years.

Turned around cross-functional product team to release new product line on time

Rolled out a firm's new-architecture $200M+/year product line on time, turning around a large project that had been behind schedule and disorganized. In the role of product marketing manager, led the team tasked with ensuring all cross-functional tasks were identified, assigned and completed across 260 employees. Ensured all responsibilities were clearly understood, unearthed potential problems, brought market awareness to priority-setting, and made team meetings fun to attend.